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SPO600: Blog

Thanks to the software portability class I have gotten around to develop my Github Pages website during this term.

I will be posting regular updates on the progress of the class and topics covered therein.


  1. Two Open Source Communities: Linux and KDE

  2. Analyzing a Linux Patch

  3. Two Open Source Communities: KDE

  4. Assembly: x86 vs ARM64

  5. Building Software: GLIBC

  6. Building Software: Linux

  7. Optimizing Compilers: A story of Nasal Demons

  8. Profiling with gprof

  9. Performance and algorithm selection

  10. Assembly code in LAME

  11. Project Time: Making libc++ a slightly better place

  12. Stage_2:_benchmarking_llvm’s_libc++

  13. SPO600 Stage 2: Environment Setup

  14. SPO600 Stage 2: The Benchmark

  15. SPO600 Stage 2: The Results

  16. Looking Into libc++’s regex engine